Baptism Service

At CLC, we believe water baptism is a celebration of your decision to follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Just as the symbols of the wedding and wedding ring are a declaration of a marriage covenant, water baptism is the outward declaration of the covenant you’ve made with God. As your church, we would like to stand with you as you publicly declare you have made the decision to surrender your life to the Lord.

Care Groups

A network of caring connections that provides a support group of passionate individuals and a family of caring people. Each member of CLC as assigned to a Care Group under the leadership of a church Deacon and Minister.


Couple’s Therapy Workshop

All of us want to live happy and fulfilled lives. We want rich relationships, and to feel confident and comfortable about the people we are. At the same time, we know that sometimes, life’s not easy. The professionals of MyCLCChurch Counseling appreciate that life’s challenges can create barriers to the happiness we seek. It is during those times that counseling can make an immeasurably positive impact on our lives.

If you find yourself facing a difficult situation, we’re prepared to help you understand and overcome whatever obstacles with which you are confronted. We offer confidential, accessible, and reliable counseling services. MyCLCChurch Counseling is committed to providing you the best personal counseling that will help you lead a more fulfilling life.



(703) 365-0800

(703) 365-0800

7845 Ashton Avenue, Manassas, VA

Marriage Defined

  • Choosing to Love Part 1
  • Choosing to Love Part 2

Marriage Killer #1

  • Money

Marriage Killer #2

  • Communication

Mariage Killer #3

  • Sex
  • Kids
  • In-Laws
  • Engagement

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Child Dedication Ceremony

The parents or guardians name the child and acknowledge their responsibility to raise & instruct their children in the ways of right living, both for themselves & for humankind.

Children’s Religious Education

Learning groups from pre-school age through 8th grade. Visitors welcome. Please check in the lobby when you arrive.


The choir rehearses each Saturday morning. New singers are welcome. No auditions! Sing at Sunday service, Christmas Eve & 2 concerts year, and special events.

Conference Center Support

CLC offers conference service to local and visiting businesses. The sanctuary holds 300 – 400 people. The facility has Wi-Fi internet services, separate conference room with AV support. The facility is available from 6am – 5pm daily M-F.

Deaf Ministry

Our Deaf Ministry is new and is available at our 10:00 service in the front left section of our worship center. We have volunteer interpreters to assist in communicating our services. As participants increase in attendance, we will consider a Bible Study class also.

Friends and Family Weekend

This social weekend, usually held in the CLC Courtyard and includes a “cookout”, good singing, a word from God, and fellowship. The program provides for time and activities to promote both fellowship and individual pursuits.


Greeters make all feel welcome! Devote 1 hour before and after one service each month greeting all…visitors, newcomers, friends and members. Help with questions. Introduce newcomers to members and members to one another. A key Helps Ministry function!

Sunday Refreshments (Coffee +)

Serve on a team of two or three volunteers at one service, one Sunday a month preparing beverages and light snacks and arranging set-up. Your smiles & welcome greeting are important to our food and hospitality ministry


Ushers devote 1 hour before and after one service monthly, greeting, passing out programs, passing collection plates and other duties as needed. Easy job for new people and a key part of our helps ministry.

Welcome Desk

Support our Membership Ministry by answering questions and providing information before and after each service, generally at one service each month.


The marriage ceremony is one of the most sacred and beautiful of all the services of the church. It is more than a social occasion; it is a worship service in which a man and a woman, in the company of their loved ones and friends, pledge themselves to each other before God, and are unified by Him in holy wedlock.

Young Adults

We are CLC members and friends aged 18-35 committed to socializing, spirituality, and social justice. We maintain ongoing communication through our Social Media Groups and email events list.

Youth Choir

Sings in worship services and in outside venues. Open to all young people grades 6 and above. Rehearses Saturdays, 12:30-1:15 p.m.

Youth Choir Youth Group

The Youth Group offers activities for high school students. They meet on Sunday mornings during Sunday Worship Service, and have weekend retreats, social outings, picnics, hikes, movies, sports, and fundraisers. Youth Group plans and presents the annual Youth Sunday Service with a theme of significance to the young people themselves.