Church Shooting – “A Time of Prayer” for our Brothers and Sisters in Charleston South Carolina

As Pastor, my heart grieves for the families and members of the historic Emanuel  African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, Charleston, South Carolina. The horrific event of June 17, 2015 has stunned us all. Yet, I am confident both Charleston and the Emanuel AME Church will “overcome” this senseless act and come out stronger than before. This mind-numbing act will only strengthen our resolve to go forward in Christ and bond us even closer. The Christian Life Church (CLC) family of Manassas, Virginia, extends our love to the people of Charleston, and especially to the members and friends of those killed while attending Bible study.

image.adapt.567.high.south_carolina_church_shooting_11aThis act of hatred, bigotry, and violence against our brothers and sisters in Christ is deplorable, wicked, and evil. In this hour of loss, the CLC family stands with our fellow Christians in prayer. We share the sorrows of this church and community. We join with the Charleston community in condemning this senseless act of violence and we stand heart to heart and shoulder to shoulder with the members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

In the midst of this tragedy, we pray that the Emanuel AME Church family find peace and comfort in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who himself conquered death, hell, and the grave.

We pray God’s blessing, wisdom, and comfort during this moment of “National


God Bless,

Pastor Sutton

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